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Unlock the Cash Value of Your Business Assets

Are you thinking about retiring and/or considering liquidating your business? It can be an overwhelming process trying to figure out how to get the best return for your valuable assets.

As you’re weighing your options about when and how to liquidate your assets, it's important to consider the uniqueness of this moment. Today’s market—with its supply-chain shortages and economic variables—has created unprecedented opportunities for sellers, especially as it relates to: construction equipment, heavy equipment, and vehicles. So, if you’re thinking about retiring and/or liquidating your business, we encourage you to get in touch with us, so we can learn more about your needs and the opportunities we can provide.

We’re here to help.

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Interested in selling at auction? Here’s how it works.

For 20 years, Bid-2-Buy has been dedicated to helping our clients and customers build value. We provide that value through our unwavering commitments to attentiveness, honesty, and innovation. Interested in selling with Bid-2-Buy? Here's what you can expect...

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What’s This Worth?

Do you know the market value of your assets? We’ve previously discussed how our clients often overlook the hidden value that’s sitting right in front of them. A related, but different, challenge occurs when we know that something is “valuable,” but don’t know exactly what it’s worth in the marketplace. Especially if you’re a business owner, there are a number reasons why it’s beneficial to maintain an accurate valuation of your assets (e.g., machinery, equipment, property). And this is where you can benefit from the expertise of a certified equipment and machinery appraiser.

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