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Bid-2-Buy is a family-owned online auction company with over 35 years of experience. The tradition of hard work, personal pride, and integrity helps us work harder to make your auction experience a success. If you’re selling your business, home, inventory, or simply browsing our online auctions, let us help guide you through your transaction to ensure that your ultimate expectations become a reality.

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Oct 26
ID: 157353 Coordinated By: Big Deal Consignments
Oct 27
ID: 157075 Coordinated By: Big Deal Consignments
Oct 27
ID: 158131 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Nov 2
ID: 157530 Coordinated By: Big Deal Consignments
Nov 5
ID: 158445 Coordinated By: Monte Motor Sales
Nov 5
ID: 157843 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Nov 11
ID: 153610 Coordinated By: Keith Sharer Auction Service
Nov 15
ID: 157533 Coordinated By: Big Deal Consignments
Nov 16
ID: 158487 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Nov 16
ID: 158492 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Nov 17
ID: 157532 Coordinated By: Big Deal Consignments
Nov 18
ID: 156963 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Nov 18
ID: 158530 Coordinated By: Radotich
Nov 19
ID: 158499 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Nov 19
ID: 158733 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy
Dec 31
ID: 109314 Coordinated By: Bid-2-Buy