Bid-2-Buy Online Auction Testimonials





Overall I had an amazing experience! Great staff and very helpful!


Super friendly staff, easy transactions. I always look forward to seeing them.

Paul A. P

Brad and his crew have always been professional, flexible and fair with us.  We have recommended Bid-2-Buy many many times over the years. 


Easy bidding, helpful persons working at auction site showing items before and providing good pick up.


Always been prompt and professional during pick ups.


Great customer service! They always go above and beyond.  


So far pretty darn good experience. About 2 years or so buying with your service. Thank you. Also the people I have met that you employ are good folks. 


It's been a totally positive experience working with Brad. Occasionally, I would like to see more pictures of an item. I appreciate that any flaws are stated. Then I can decide if it's a big deal to me. Keep up the great work!  


Very friendly, courteous, and accommodating to the special request I had on one auction. Their photos and descriptions have been accurate and easy to read.


Nice employees, very helpful, great attitudes, rate Bid-2-Buy above others...

Elsie & Dallas

We would highly recommend Bid-2-Buy online auction company. As my husband and I decided to close our business and liquidate it through an auction. We did a lot of research on auction companies that offered online service. After speaking with several companies, we chose to work with Bid-2-Buy. The owners of Bid-2-Buy came onsite at our location to meet with us and explain how everything would be setup, fees, and time frame, from start to finish. Curt and Landon were very thorough.

We were on site working with Bid-2-Buy’s staff through some of the setup and check out . All of the on-site staff were great to work with, answered our questions, and explained how and why items were lotted. They set auctions to make the most money for the selling customer.

When the auctions (4 in our case) were ready, The in-office staff sent everything out to be reviewed before the auctions went live. They were great to work with in making any needed changes, and anytime a question arose, they were prompt with an answer.

During the check-out process, everything went smoothly. You know they have a great following when buying customers come on site and know the owners and staff by name. When settlement time came, everything went very smoothly. Dallas and I were pleased with the final.

If you are looking at liquidating your business, Dallas and I would highly recommend Bid-2-Buy as first choice. They not only work in Minnesota, but the surrounding states.  We believe in working with family owned businesses, Curt and Landon Werner are both great to work with, and their staff has been with the company for a long time. This is proof that Bid-2-Buy is a great company to work with.


My storage company had a Great experience using Bid-2-Buy ! They are extremely accommodating and work closely with the sellers throughout the entire auction process - we felt confident working with them and will be using them for all our auction needs in the future


They were excellent! Met owner & employees who assisted with entire process of the auction. They were professional, friendly, family oriented and responsive. I would gladly recommend anyone to work with them!


Love the simplicity and ease of Bid-2-Buy! Great variety and tons of auctions. I check every week for new listings and have got some awesome good deals. We felt that they were always accessible to us, and happy to answer any questions we had. We would definitely work with Bid-2-Buy again!


I have had many great buying experiences with bid-2-buy. Recently, I met with their team and have had a great selling experience as well. Thank you!!


Great company to buy from! From the state of the art biding process, to the time i picked up my items, everything was seamless! The next time i look to purchase anything , Bid-2-Buy will be my one and only auction site to use!!