Closing Your Business? We Can Help with That.

Closing Your Business? We Can Help with That.

Has life presented you with a reason to close your business? Perhaps you’re reaching the end of a successful career, and now is the right time to retire. Perhaps economic conditions have made downsizing the best choice for you. Or, perhaps you’ve decided to explore new professional opportunities. Whatever the case may be, if you’re thinking about closing your business, we’re here to help maximize the return you receive for your business assets.

There are many reasons to choose an online auction as the way to sell your business assets.

We offer our sellers the utmost convenience. Selling your assets takes a lot of effort. If you try to sell independently, you’ll likely find yourself in endless cycle of organizing, cataloging, photographing, listing, advertising, payment collecting, and shipping. And imagine having to do that for each and every one of your business assets. In contrast, if you work with us, all of that effort and stress disappears. We do all the heavy lifting for you. Just provide us with access to the assets you’d like to sell, and we’ll handle the rest.

Selling your business assets can be extremely time consuming. Depending on your industry, it could potentially take months to find the right buyer for all of your respective business assets. With 40 years in the auction industry and 20 plus years conducting online auctions, we have devised a set of systems and methods that ensure your assets will be open for bidding, sold, and removed from the property in a total of just a few short weeks.

Logistics and Communication
Selling your business assets on your own could result in hundreds of interactions with potential buyers—phone calls, text messages, emails, meet-ups with tire kickers, and sales pickups at all hours of the night. If you work with us, we become your hub of logistics and communication. We’ll manage all communications with prospective bidders. We’ll facilitate any on-site inspections. And we’ll oversee an orderly payment-and-pickup process.

Comprehensive Marketing Campaign
While the internet provides all users with the potential to sell assets, not all internet audiences are created equal. Since we are in the business of continuously selling a wide range of assets, we have amassed a massive network of engaged and motivated bidders. By working with us, your assets will reap the benefits of that network of motivated bidders. Not only that, we’ll use our proven marketing strategies to design a multi-channel marketing campaign that is uniquely tailored to your business assets, ensuring that your assets are placed in front of the right audience at the right time.

Competitive Bidding
If you attempt to sell your business assets on your own, you often end up settling for low-ball offers. Conversely, with an online auction, since your assets are placed in front of a massive audience of motivated bidders, it ensures that your assets receive fair exposure in the marketplace. And competitive bidding – where multiple bidders bid against one another – further helps to maximize your return. Once a person imagines becoming the new owner of your asset, they develop an emotional attachment to the idea. And that’s how “bidding wars” happen—where competing bidders repeatedly outbid one another in rapid succession. And you’d be surprised just how much value a “bidding war” can produce for you as a seller.

If you’ve found yourself in a position where now is the right time to close your business, we’re here to help. And, in addition to the benefits we’ve outlined above, when you work with Bid-2-Buy, you can count on our personal, people-centered service. Your need is our purpose. We’ll do everything we can to support your needs throughout the entire auction experience.

If you’re interested in selling your business assets, contact us today to let us know how we can help. And let’s build value together.