How to participate in Bid-2-Buy auctions

We have updated our website to a better bidder experience at Bid-2-Buy. We will continue to make minor changes for the next few months to increase bidder user friendly features. This page will help you to:

  1. Register to bid on our our website (or app) and then
  2. Request access to the specific auction you want to bid on.

Note: We do not support Internet Explorer for our auction software, please use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

To create an account with Bid-2-Buy:

1. Click on the "Sign In Now" button on the home page (or within any of the catalogs).

2a. If you already have an account, enter your email and password and then register for a specific auction (see below for those instructions).  

2b. Otherwise, click on "Sign up" underneath "Don't have an account?"

3. A screen will appear titled "Create A Bidding Account".  Enter the requested information (make sure your password is at least 8 characters) and click "Continue"

4. Read the Terms of Use, check the box on the bottom and click on "SIGN UP"

Congratulations, now you have created an account with Bid-2-Buy! 
But, there is one more step before you can bid online. In order to bid on a specific auction, you have to register for that specific auction. Each auction has it's own set of terms and conditions so we require the extra step of having you request access to the auction. 

To register for a specific auction, you need to:

1. Go to the auction you are interested in and click on the "REGISTER TO BID" button.  

  • Fill out the requested information.
  • It's very important that this information be accurate. If your information is not accurate, i.e. bogus phone number, etc..., we will revoke your bidding approval. 

2. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully. These are the rules and requirements for that specific auction. After you have read them, check the box next to "I agree with these Terms & Conditions" and click "SUBMIT". 

3. If no further approvals are required, then you can bid.

  • You will also receive an email confirming your registration.
  • If the online auction has not started yet, you can submit a "PREBID" now and enter your bid.
  • When the online auction starts, your bid will be entered. 

4. If your registration requires approval by Bid-2-Buy, we will automatically be notified of your request and will take action. Please allow one (1) business day to process pre-approval requests.  

You may also bid on our app. 

Visit the iTunes store or Google Play to download the Bid-2-Buy app. Then you can bid on the go! 

Any questions throughout the process please contact us. Thank you for your patience and commitment to Bid-2-Buy. 763-274-0330 

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